Visual Identity

The visual identity of the PPG-Ecology

In 2021, the Coordination of the Graduate Program in Ecology decided to improve communication with course members and the general public, and this process began with the creation of a visual identity for the program and the development of this new website.

The visual identity was created thinking of Ecology as a “study of relationships”, and consequently referring to connections between organisms. Very different appearing environments were represented, such as aquatic and terrestrial with a connection between them in a way typically used by ecology studies, mainly those with interactions in networks. All versions of the logo were presented to the program’s internal community and the final identity was a collective choice!

The logo

We have the main logo, which should be used in most cases:

There are also alternative versions for cases such as, for example, in which the logo should be in black and white (below on the left), and cases where the logo needs to be used in small size (below on the right).

Other components of identity

The visual identity is also composed of the following color palette, which involves two shades of green as primary, and two shades of purple as secondary colors to be used only as highlighted points. The respective hexadecimal code that defines each color can be found below.

In addition to the logo and color palette, an important component is typography. We recommend that PPG-ecology-related materials use the two font families below. Both are free and are available for download on Google Fonts.

Ready-to-use compositions

For the IB and UNICAMP logos, click here.

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